Parasitic Zoonosis from Fish meat

Written by: Dr. Madiha Rehman DVM, M.Phil (Veterinary Parasitology), Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan    Pakistan’s Seafood Industry Pakistan is enriched with agricultural land and a vast area covered with waters providing a diverse flora and fauna to harbour a large variety of land and marine beings. Fisheries is a sub-sector of agriculture and yet a major contributor to seafood […]


Is the BIRD-FLUE becoming a new THREAT after the NOVEL CORONA VIRUS outbreak? The recent outbreak of coronavirus has emerged as the most deadly event in the start of 2020. The total death toll has crossed the 1300 lives and this score is going up with every moment passing. The scientific groups are working hard to cope with this killing […]

USA Horse Industry at a glance

USA Horse Industry at a glance Horses are one of the most adorable and intelligent species on the face of the earth. Like others, the evolution of the horse did not occur in a straight line. Many of the horse-like animals were branched-off but now a day’s one genus is the only surviving branch of a once large evolutionary bush […]

Visual and verbal cues in dog training and probability of errors

Visual and verbal cues in dog training and the probability of errors Dog training is the practice that most of the dog owners perform to teach some signals or clues for various purposes. These trained dogs get their rewards according to their learned lessons.   Some dogs get training for the obedience of the owners. Some dogs are trained in […]

Worms in Cats and the Precautions for the Owners

Worms in Cats and the Precautions for the Owners- Are you a pet owner? I am sure, you would feel uncomfortable listening to the word “Worms”. Worms are parasites that can harm your pet. As far as the cats are concerned, there are three main intestinal parasites in cats. Roundworm Hookworms Tapeworms Roundworms Roundworms and hookworms are ubiquitous in the […]


CORONA VIRUS: HISTORY AND UPDATES Viruses of the Coronaviridae family are one of the major causes of respiratory illness in mammals and birds. These viruses have different shapes and sizes. The archives show that the human came to know about the human coronaviruses in 1965 when Tyrrell and Bynoe from Medical Research Council of United Kingdom, isolated first human coronavirus […]

Top 8 tips for breeding your dog

Top 8 tips for breeding your dog Dog breeding has been well established and one of the oldest practice performed for getting new progeny with improved characteristics. Scientific pieces of evidence suggest that all dog breeds originate from the Eurasian grey wolf. But, the lack of knowledge about the breeding facts can result in the birth of poor quality puppies […]